❧City Lights's Information

Horse Color:Gray Roan Splash

❧City Lights

Age: Deceased
Height: 16.0
Bone: Medium (2.00)
Era:0 (What are eras?)
Id Number: 819181
Birthday: Jan. 19, 2010
Foals This Year: 0
Owned by: The Archive
Bred by:
Gender: Stallion Breed: National Warmblood
Color: Gray Roan Splash
Location: The Archive: 16+ foals
Level: Grand Prix
Grade: Local
Training: Needs Trained
Earnings this year: 0 hb's
Points this year: 0.0
Total earnings: 1131341 hb's
Total points: 3084
Daily Payout: 330 hb's
Testing Score: A papered
Performance Test Grade: 11.40
Consistency: Consistent
Owner's Notes:

Y24 #14 Top Stallion Leaderboard (05/11/2010)

Multiple ELB Appearances Prior to Y33
Y33 #196 Extended List

❧City Lights is about as good as y33 city x circle

Breeding Requirements
- Only breed to *Gold or high Blue mares (proven to produce 12+PT) or *Gold/Blue potential mares whose dams fit previous criteria.
- Run foals through all tests available to your upgrade level, color testing not necessary.
- Geld ANY colts less than an A paper.
- No more than FIVE live cover breedings per person without prior consent, PM me if you wish to use more.

Club Registries

Era 0 Breeders Club

Genetic Testing Results

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EE Aa CcrCcr nd2nd2 Gg Ff SSsty Pp KitrKitr SpsSp WF: Minimal
Genes marked in orange are closed genes and subject to sales limitations.

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Pedigree of ❧City Lights

Sired by: ❧HighClassGentleman and Out of: YSW IndigoCity LO
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Horse Color:Gray Roan Splash
❧HighClassGentleman *Star
  Gray Roan Splash Sport Pony
Horse Color:Perlino Splash
♥ Golden Streak A
  Perlino Splash Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
Legions of Alicanto龗 A+
  Unknown Sport Pony
Horse Color:Buckskin Roan Splash
♥ Universal Splash Red+
  Buckskin Roan Splash Sport Pony
Horse Color:Gray Roan
❧The Fallen Apple Blue
  Gray Roan Warmblood
Horse Color:Gray Roan
Center of Gravity A+
  Gray Roan Warmblood
Horse Color:Gray Roan
❧Another Hail Mary Blue+
  Gray Roan Warmblood
Horse Color:Smokey Grullo Roan
YSW IndigoCity LO Blue
  Smokey Grullo Roan Warmblood
Horse Color:Buckskin Roan Dun
BA *T. Boone Pickens A
  Buckskin Roan Dun Warmblood
Horse Color:Grullo Roan
Eisenheim A+
  Grullo Roan Warmblood
Horse Color:Perlino Roan Dun
BA TerrorAtTheDisco~ Blue+
  Perlino Roan Dun Warmblood
Horse Color:Blue Roan
BA Starlit Exchange~ Blue
  Blue Roan Warmblood
Horse Color:Gray
Indigo Red Moon C+
  Gray Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
Special Q Yellow
  Unknown Warmblood

Foals Of ❧City Lights

55 foals have been found for ❧City Lights.

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Class NameDateLevel/Grade Placing Score
Show ClassFeb 9, 2019 :06 H8L 4 o/o 12276
Show ClassFeb 8, 2019 :06 H8L 2 o/o 12278
Show ClassFeb 2, 2019 :05 H8L 6 o/o 12278
Show ClassFeb 1, 2019 :05 H8L 3 o/o 12278
Show ClassJan 26, 2019 :04 H8L 4 o/o 12276
Show ClassJan 25, 2019 :04 H8L 2 o/o 12277

Damages For ❧City Lights

No history of damage. Yet...

Sales records for ❧City Lights

This horse has never been sold


Tack showing on this horse

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