*D* Hot Date^'s Information

Horse Color:Bay Roan Tobiano

*D* Hot Date^

Age: Deceased
Height: 16.0
Bone: Medium (2.00)
Era:0 (What are eras?)
Id Number: 601437
Birthday: Sep. 02, 2009
Foals This Year: 0
Owned by: The Archive
Bred by:
Gender: Stallion Breed: National Warmblood
Color: Bay Roan Tobiano
Location: The Archive: 5 to 10 foals
Level: Training
Grade: 115
Training: Needs Trained
Earnings this year: 0 hb's
Points this year: 0.0
Total earnings: 139 hb's
Total points: 26112
Daily Payout: 2798 hb's
Testing Score: C papered
Performance Test Grade: 10.50
Owner's Notes:

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Era 0 Breeders Club

Genetic Testing Results

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Ee Aa CC nd2nd2 gg FF SstyS pp KitrKitto WF: Medium
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Pedigree of *D* Hot Date^

Sired by: ~*S*~ Inferno ♥ and Out of: Texas Swing
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Horse Color:Buckskin Roan
~*S*~ Inferno ♥ A
  Buckskin Roan Warmblood
Horse Color:Buckskin Roan
APP Kharon* B
  Buckskin Roan Warmblood
Horse Color:Buckskin Roan Dun
63400 A+
  Buckskin Roan Dun Warmblood
Horse Color:Perlino
Adagio Star Red+
  Perlino Warmblood
Horse Color:Buckskin Roan
~S~ Just Gorgeous Blue
  Buckskin Roan Sport Pony
Horse Color:Grullo Roan
Twilight Aljan B
  Grullo Roan Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
☬Lavender-B**** Red
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Palomino Dun Tobiano
Texas Swing Red
  Palomino Dun Tobiano Warmblood
Horse Color:Gold Champagne Dun Tobiano
Major Leaguer* C
  Gold Champagne Dun Tobiano Sport Pony
Horse Color:Gold Champagne Dun Tobiano
Triple Threat C
  Gold Champagne Dun Tobiano Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
SCF Uptown Swing Yellow
  Unknown Sport Pony
Horse Color:Buckskin Roan
Little Darling* Red
  Buckskin Roan Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
Kiji's Little Boy C
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
Candy Darling Failed
  Unknown Warmblood

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