ThatsNotAll's Information

Horse Color:Unknown


Age: Deceased
Bone: Medium (2.00)Era: 0
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Id Number: 2731248
Birthday: Apr. 08, 2014
Foals This Year: 0
Owned by: The Archive
Bred by:
Gender: Mare Breed: National Sport Pony
Color: Unknown
Location: The Archive:
Level: B Level
Grade: Local
Training: Needs Trained
Earnings this year: 0 hb's
Points this year: 0.0
Total earnings: 1596 hb's
Total points: 40
Daily Payout: 4 hb's
Testing Score: *Gold papered
Performance Test Grade: 12.00
Owner's Notes:
 B Level Jumper
Good Prospect

Club Registries

Tobiano Breeders Club
Rabicano Breeders Club
Cream Breeders Club
Black Breeders Club

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Pedigree of ThatsNotAll

Sired by: Theory of Paris XOX and Out of: Catchin Gold
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Horse Color:Black Tobiano
Theory of Paris XOX *Star
  Black Tobiano Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
Tux *Star
  Unknown Sport Pony
Horse Color:Classic Cream Champagne Tobiano Frame Rabicano
SA Ironbow *Star+
  Classic Cream Champagne Tobiano Frame Rabicano Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
SA Paris City *Gold+
  Unknown Sport Pony
Horse Color:Gray Roan Tobiano
APP LoveAGoodTheory *Gold
  Gray Roan Tobiano Sport Pony
Horse Color:Buckskin Roan Tobiano
BYR Shark Therapy *Star+
  Buckskin Roan Tobiano Warmblood
Horse Color:Gray Roan Tobiano
SW APP True Love Blue+
  Gray Roan Tobiano Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
Catchin Gold
  Unknown Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
Noble Gold AL5 *Star
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Buckskin
Pillows Of Gold LY *Star+
  Buckskin Sport Pony
Horse Color:Buckskin
Smiling Noble LY *Gold+
  Buckskin Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
Catchin Stars LY *Gold
  Unknown Sport Pony
Horse Color:Amber Champagne Splash Tobiano Frame Appaloosa Rabicano
VT Stars Iron Love *Star+
  Amber Champagne Splash Tobiano Frame Appaloosa Rabicano Sport Pony
Horse Color:Grullo
VT CatchinFarmers *Gold+
  Grullo Warmblood

Foals Of ThatsNotAll

2 foals have been found for ThatsNotAll.

Show Results for ThatsNotAll

Class NameDateLevel/Grade Placing Score
The Sparrow Gulch ClassFeb 9, 2015 :07 H6L 8 o/o 9171
The Caudad ShowAug 14, 2014 :33 H3R 3 o/o 668
The Creekside Junior RiderAug 11, 2014 :33 H3R 3 o/o 668
The Sod Grotto ClassAug 7, 2014 :32 H3R 4 o/o 664
The Poundford ShowAug 4, 2014 :32 H3R 4 o/o 664
The Command Senior RiderAug 2, 2014 :31 H3L 1 o/o 560
The Noddling ShowAug 2, 2014 :31 H3L 1 o/o 560
The Langsyne ClassJul 26, 2014 :30 H3L 1 o/o 556
The Kingship Play DayJul 10, 2014 :28 H2W 1 o/o 648
The Port Eagleshine ShowJul 7, 2014 :28 H2W 4 o/o 648
The Red Breeze Junior RiderJun 19, 2014 :25 H2N 2 o/o 536
The New Earthclaw FestivalJun 16, 2014 :25 H2N 4 o/o 536
The Cave Bear Gamblers ChoiceJun 5, 2014 :23 H2R 1 o/o 428
The Transparent ClassJun 2, 2014 :23 H2R 3 o/o 428

Damages For ThatsNotAll

No history of damage. Yet...

Sales records for ThatsNotAll

Last owned by An Old Friend(148581)

An Old Friend(148581) sold to An Old Friend(215770) for 6000 hb's on Feb. 09, 2015.


Tack showing on this horse

No Tack Found

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