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Year: 69 Era: 7
Next breeding season: Jan 2nd

Dark Spirits's Information

Horse Color:Amber Champagne Splash

Dark Spirits

Age: Deceased
Bone: Medium (2.00)Era: 0
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Id Number: 2102806
Birthday: Sep. 04, 2012
Foals This Year: 0
Owned by: The Archive
Bred by: Woodhaven Farms
Gender: Stallion Breed: Maldivian Sport Pony
Color: Amber Champagne Splash
Location: The Archive: Primary Pasture
Level: C Level
Grade: Regional
Training: Needs Trained
Earnings this year: 0 hb's
Points this year: 0.0
Total earnings: 0 hb's
Total points: 0
Profit: 0
Testing Score: *Star papered
Performance Test Grade: 11.3
Consistency: Consistent

Club Registries

Era 0 Breeders Club

Genetic Testing Results

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EE aA CprlC dd gg FF SstySsty PP Chch SpsSp WF: Minimal

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Pedigree of Dark Spirits

Sired by: Golden Monster and Out of: Coladen
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Horse Color:Amber Cream Champagne Pearl Dun Splash
Golden Monster *Star
  Amber Cream Champagne Pearl Dun Splash Sport Pony
Horse Color:Amber Cream Champagne Roan Splash
CH Golden Sound *Star
  Amber Cream Champagne Roan Splash Sport Pony
Horse Color:Buckskin Roan Dun
N4 My Golden Cloud *Star+
  Buckskin Roan Dun Warmblood
Horse Color:Amber Cream Champagne Splash Tobiano
G VT SatelliteOfLove *Gold+
  Amber Cream Champagne Splash Tobiano Sport Pony
Horse Color:Amber Cream Champagne Pearl Dun Splash
SA Beautiful Monster Blue
  Amber Cream Champagne Pearl Dun Splash Sport Pony
Horse Color:Buckskin Dun Splash
Charlies a Monster *Star+
  Buckskin Dun Splash Warmblood
Horse Color:Amber Champagne Pearl Dun
A Beautiful Disaster Red+
  Amber Champagne Pearl Dun Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Bay Tobiano
Foreign Bullets *Star
  Bay Tobiano Warmblood
Horse Color:Bay Tobiano
ISL Foreign Royalty A+
  Bay Tobiano Sport Pony
Horse Color:Buckskin Roan
Bite The Bullet Blue+
  Buckskin Roan Warmblood
Horse Color:Silver Bay
Stars Abright Ridge Blue
  Silver Bay Sport Pony
Horse Color:Buckskin Roan
Quarry Ridge *Star+
  Buckskin Roan Sport Pony
Horse Color:Silver Bay
Silver Stars Blue+
  Silver Bay Sport Pony

Foals Of Dark Spirits

9 foals have been found for Dark Spirits.

Average Foal PT: 11.27

Dark Spirits's Damages

No history of damage. Yet.

Sales records for Dark Spirits

Last owned by Woodhaven Farms

Woodhaven Farms sold to HuntAndJump Auction Bidder for 1000 hb's on Jul. 14, 2013.


Tack showing on this horse

No Tack Found

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