Patron Prince's Information

Horse Color:Smokey Grullo Roan

Patron Prince

Age: Deceased
Height: 16.0
Bone: Medium (2.00)
Era:0 (What are eras?)
Id Number: 1885619
Birthday: Mar. 05, 2012
Foals This Year: 0
Owned by: The Archive
Bred by:
Gender: Gelding Breed: National Warmblood
Color: Smokey Grullo Roan
Location: The Archive: 16+ foals
Level: Grand Prix
Grade: World
Training: Needs Trained
Earnings this year: 0 hb's
Points this year: 0.0
Total earnings: 85950 hb's
Total points: 278
Daily Payout: 30 hb's
Testing Score: *Star papered
Performance Test Grade: 13.30
Consistency: Consistent
Owner's Notes:
 Y37 LB #4 7/3/12

About as good as Fire Catching Legend!

After Boost: Dr Junior says: "Well I'll be, I have to say these are some fine looking boys, but I reckon that first one is better." Patron Prince is superior than Fire Catching Legend

Breeding Policy

1. Breed ONLY BLUE OR GOLD (or prospective blue or gold) papered mares to this stallion.
2. Run all foals through the Showing Aptitude Test.
3. Run all colts through the Gelding Advice test. If they pass, use Stallion Papering if available.
4. Only *Star paper colts remain intact.
5. Geld or spay any horse showing recommended,or a PT less than 12 or with a rating of very inconsistent if you use this test

Please contact me BEFORE selling, yumming, or dumping in auction.
Geld/spay ALL auction horses!

If you are a LVL 5 and are unsure of a stallion's quality I will test him against his sire for you at your expense, this is ONLY an option for LVL 5 player per game rules

Failure to follow these items will result in a ban from my stock.

Club Registries

Era 0 Breeders Club

Somatic Tattoos

Plus 5 Percent Breeding Boost
Leader of the Pack

Genetic Testing Results

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EE aa CcrC nd2D gg FF SstyS pP KitKitr WF: Extensive
Genes marked in orange are closed genes and subject to sales limitations.

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Pedigree of Patron Prince

Sired by: ff Patron and Out of: 1 G Patty Prince
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Horse Color:Gray Splash
ff Patron *Star
  Gray Splash Warmblood
Horse Color:Gray Splash
ff Memory Lane *Star
  Gray Splash Sport Pony
Horse Color:Gray Roan Splash
ff Down On The Farm *Star+
  Gray Roan Splash Sport Pony
Horse Color:Gray Roan
G Love It Hate It *Gold+
  Gray Roan Sport Pony
Horse Color:Smokey Creme Roan Dun
G High School Flame *Gold
  Smokey Creme Roan Dun Warmblood
Horse Color:Buckskin Roan
♥ Ferris* *Star+
  Buckskin Roan Sport Pony
Horse Color:Smokey Creme Dun
City Kid Blue+
  Smokey Creme Dun Warmblood
Horse Color:Bay Roan Dun
1 G Patty Prince *Gold
  Bay Roan Dun Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
Frog Prince *Star
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Black
BA Gamma Grey *Star+
  Black Warmblood
Horse Color:Gray Roan
High Heavens *Gold+
  Gray Roan Warmblood
Horse Color:Bay Roan Dun Splash
Rg Patty Rose *Gold
  Bay Roan Dun Splash Warmblood
Horse Color:Gray Roan Splash Tobiano
Ұ Paul Bunyan *Star+
  Gray Roan Splash Tobiano Warmblood
Horse Color:Grullo Roan
❧White Rose Blue+
  Grullo Roan Warmblood

Foals Of Patron Prince

58 foals have been found for Patron Prince.

Show Results for Patron Prince

Class NameDateLevel/Grade Placing Score
The Amoroso ClassDec 30, 2013 :01 H8W 10 o/o 20306
The Gramercy ShowDec 26, 2013 :52 H8W 14 o/o 19306
The Tangle Wood ClassDec 23, 2013 :52 H8W 11 o/o 20306
The Larghetto ClassDec 19, 2013 :51 H8W 12 o/o 19306
The Begorra Gamblers ChoiceDec 16, 2013 :51 H8W 12 o/o 19306
The Yellowburgh Gamblers ChoiceDec 12, 2013 :50 H8W 13 o/o 19305
The Whos Legal GallaDec 9, 2013 :50 H8W 9 o/o 19305
The Whos Legal GallaDec 9, 2013 :50 H8W 9 o/o 19305
The Whos Legal GallaDec 9, 2013 :50 H8W 9 o/o 19305
The Star Valley Five Star EventDec 5, 2013 :49 H8W 13 o/o 19305
The Drovia Farms ShowNov 19, 2013 :47 H8W 8 o/o 20305
The Forest Glen ClassNov 15, 2013 :46 H8W 15 o/o 20305
The Wild Grotto ClassNov 12, 2013 :46 H8W 11 o/o 20305
The Hereinto ClassNov 8, 2013 :45 H8W 17 o/o 20304
The Lasing ClassDec 17, 2012 :51 H6W 10 o/o 16208
The Doloroso ClassSep 29, 2012 :39 H4R 1 o/o 8108
The Gramercy ExtravaganzaSep 28, 2012 :39 H4R 4 o/o 8108
The Prestissimo ClassAug 18, 2012 :33 H3N 2 o/o 879
The Eastwardly Masters ClassAug 17, 2012 :33 H3N 2 o/o 879
The Whos Legal ShowAug 4, 2012 :31 H3R 1 o/o 670
The Whos Legal Jump OffAug 3, 2012 :31 H3R 2 o/o 670
The Shop Talk ClassJul 7, 2012 :27 H2W 1 o/o 651
The Leonardo Masters ClassJul 6, 2012 :27 H2W 1 o/o 651
The Accelerando Medal ClassJun 30, 2012 :26 H2W 2 o/o 646
The Darkdale Commemorative EventJun 29, 2012 :26 H2W 3 o/o 646
The Bueno ClassJun 16, 2012 :24 H2N 1 o/o 537
The Jonaswater ClassJun 15, 2012 :24 H2N 2 o/o 537
The Erewhile FestivalJun 2, 2012 :22 H2R 3 o/o 427
The Timbercaster Jump OffJun 1, 2012 :22 H2R 2 o/o 427
The Wild Grotto FestivalMay 3, 2012 :18 H1N 2 o/o 48

Damages For Patron Prince

No history of damage. Yet...

Sales records for Patron Prince

This horse has never been sold


Tack showing on this horse

KD So Shiny Spray
e8f9ff2f2f2f e8f9ff
Paint on Zebra Stripes FFFFFF2f2f2f e8f9ff
Schooling Bridle with Dee Ring Bit 2f2f2fb69f5a 2f2f2f
Black Hoof Polish e8f9ff2f2f2f e8f9ff
Checkered Quarter Marks e8f9ff2f2f2f e8f9ff

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